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​Teacher Training Program

Online courseも充実

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages の略称で、英語以外の言語を母語とする人々(外国語として英語学習者)に英語を教えるための教授法です。


TESL(Teaching English as a Second Language/第二言語としての英語教授法)やTEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language/外国語としての英語教授法)を含む総称として用いられることもあります。



コースを取得すると、TESOL/TEFL Certificate(修了証明書)が付与され、様々な活動に証明書として使用することが可能です。






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Teacher Training Program


Would you like to be an English teacher?


If you are an English teacher, or someone who is interested in becoming a new English teacher, englishbiz has a program that might be of good service to you. Many people who wish to work as language teachers, or who have lived overseas, or who have self-studied in English would like to have some kind of certification that can open the door to a new career or part-time work. 


We can help you.


At this time, englishbiz is able to offer a teacher training course that is well designed and can be done in your spare time. From this year, englishbiz has acquired the right to offer and certify TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) teachers. We work with several international associations of ESL (English as a Second Language) and we are now able to train and give licenses for ESL classrooms to people who complete the program.


The course is 120 hours long and can be completed in two ways. The first is a split of 20 hours in classrooms as an assistant to our teaching staff and 100 hours of coursework on-line. The second is to do the entire 120 hours of study on-line. Our goal is to help you do the course at your own pace and when it is most convenient for you.


In addition, while there are many TESOL or ESL or TESL or TEFL courses that people can do and you can find them on the internet easily, our goal at englishbiz is to help and support teachers and people who are usually working in a busy full time job, or who have family obligations. With that in mind, we have kept the cost of our course as low as possible. Most TESOL courses can cost from $1000US to $1500 US (with much in class training), but we offer our course with two different prices:


$350.00 US for a tutored course (20 hours in class, 100 hours on-line)

$235.00 US for untutored course (120 hours completely on-line)


We hope that englishbiz can be of good service in guiding and coaching the next generation of English teachers. If you think that you would like to get your TESOL certification and would like to talk about your situation, please contact us!


Mark Groenewold

President, englishbiz

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